Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smashed the donut

Entered this in the BetterPhoto contest today. It's one of my favorite places online but I haven't been 'hanging out over there' much, so I'm renewing my interest. I've got some editor's pick choices on some of my entries and even a couple placings. So we will see what happens with this one. Wish me luck!
There's the LONG link for it. And if you have not been to BP, go check it out. Some fabulous stuff over there.

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christie said...

oh shoot, i just left you a really long comment but it got eaten!

*sigh* i'm so sorry for not emailing you back sooner except for through flickr. i have been so busy and things have been completely falling by the wayside for me lately.

love this image. those puffed out cheeks are SO adorable! i know a lot of people like better photo but i haven't spent much time over there.

thanks also for your kind comments and i'm sorry about the loss of your black lab too. there's something special about those dogs. everytime i see a black lab, i smile.

anyway, have a great weekend! off to add you to my googlereader now.