Thursday, June 19, 2008

Archives of flowers

This first image I shot about four years ago. This is straight of the camera, no adjustments to it, no textures. It was a daisy my youngest son had picked for me. He's 21 now. Imagine a teenage boy picking daisies for his mom! Sweet!
Anyway, I was testing out my D30 when I first got it and wanted to see what I could do with it as far as apertures went and such. Back then, it was just another test shot. Going through my files tonight, I decided that I really like this shot. Kind of dreamy, with that out of focus factor and off-centered composition.

I teetered tonight on what to post, as I know many of you like my cowboy and western images but just as many of you tell me in e-mails that you like the floral shots. Thank you everyone! And please post on the comments here. It's like my guest book and means a lot to me to come visit my blog at the end of the day and see comments about my work. I haven't done much shooting these past few weeks, but have some projects in mind. I bought some peaches yesterday and will probably do something in the morning before I head off to work. Catch the nice light. Which reminds me, I probably should go rummage around in my kitchen cupboards for the right prop for the peaches. Which also reminds me, I still need to get to my storage units and find more props to shoot with.

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