Saturday, June 21, 2008

The swingset and 10x10s

Creative processing ...

isn't his face sweet? Not quite 2 yet and he's already very independent.

and a couple of my sweet MM. She always keeps us smiling! Soon I'll be adding a third grandchild to the group, these kids need to quit trying to age me and their father! ha!

Well, I was inspired to go find the photos of the swingset that I shot on Mother's Day. My oldest son came over today and was bummed to find that his Dad tore down the swingset. I have photos of the two of them sanding it prior to the orange paint disaster. And I'm in the mood to make a really cool wall display of images in 10x10 size. Tara Whitney did this really neat display of 20x20s, then Michelle Miller has one of 12x12s, very cool. You really need a theme for it to work. While I have my grandkids images picked out, that was easy, trying to find some photos of my sons when they were small, I'm stumped. I have some of them at the county fairs, midway over the years, and then some of them at the natural museum of history here in Oklahoma. So I'm not sure which set to work on. And who knows, that may change in midstream!
Well, here's some shots I creatively processed today.


Daphne said...

Love your PP on these!!!
Very cool images!

Renee Giugliano said...

Love the looks on these! They are perfect for the portraits!