Thursday, June 19, 2008

Floral play

CREATIVE SPARK -- Blame it on Matthew McConaughey and Fool's Gold. I loved that show. Rented the DVD and my husband and I had a blast watching it. But the creative spark started tonight with a photo I shot in Fort Lauderdale, that is now my new blog banner. I added some textures to it and really like it. I may make this image my new self-promotion card (sounds like what it is...a business card). Then I decided to play with some of Joy St. Claire's textures on one of my recent flower shots. Actually, the creative spark began this afternoon as I surfed blogs and was inspired by so many talented photographers.
Not much else to write. I think storms are headed our way. I should be in bed, but then I would just lie there with a million things running through my head. So glad I have a Starbucks frap in the fridge for the morning.

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