Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday morning creativeness

Fun at an Oklahoma fair (or life in a small town in August!)

Well for me it is 1 a.m. (but still Sunday). I've been in overdrive all day Sunday doing non-creative things and away from the computer. So this is my downtime before going to bed. The miserable part is getting up on a Monday and knowing I want to stay home and work on photos, instead going to work and delving into the deadlines of news for the next four days. I know it will be an exhausting week. I've got a story to finish, an interview to do and then write up, paginate daily and we're pushing everything up so we can all enjoy a three-day weekend! Tuesday and Thursday will be constant overdrive. I'm exhausted thinking about it!
But, for all you who stop by here today, here's another from my carnival vault! I'm slowly getting those finished. Gosh, I need to as the next fair is right around the corner and these were from one night last year! I plan on pulling out all the stops this year since these have become so popular. Thank you everyone who has ever given me comments, sent e-mails and told me how much you like them. And thank you doubly to all of you who have bought one, whether it was a 4x6 print or notecard or a 20x30 wall gallery size! whoohoo!
I will be posting some rodeo this week, but wasn't in the mood to resize a bunch of images tonight.
Meanwhile, think outside the box, push beyond your ordinary and do something that you can be proud to say, "I've got this to show for my efforts!"

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Daphne said...

AND here you go AGAIN!!!

LOVE THIS!! You need to stop posting such awesomeness cause I am going to start sending my images to you for you to PP! haha

Have a blessed week!