Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rodeo on a Friday night

This night was marked with some sadness, some triumphs and plenty of laughs. Some of the cowboys were 'first timers' (so they said!) like Carl Cramton and Jarred Elroy of Marlow...sure guys! Then there were guys like Tony Dyer of Nocona, Texas who said he hadn't been on a bull in six years...What possessed you man?! A lot of Velma boys who gave it their best too.
The Duncan Noon Lions Rodeo is an annual event held at Claud Gill Arena. Stock supplied by F&F (Frick's out of Marlow/Rush Springs). I'll add more later on this and will post some single images. I chose Buddy Jewell's song Sweet Southern Comfort since I didn't have the songs I thought I downloaded from Itunes, rip off. I paid for them, but they don't show up downloaded!

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Daphne said...

very cool slide show!
LOVE your new header!!
(tell me its new & I have
not just overlooked it!