Sunday, June 01, 2008


Here's my inspirational image for Sunday. If you look closely in your surroundings, you can find something to photograph. It's there, you just have to look. Trust, it's a powerful word that evokes strong feelings. When that trust is broken, either with a careless remark or in other ways, it can sometimes be hard to rebuild it. But, if you have a forgiving nature, it's much easier. When I was little and even up into my early adult years, trust came easily for me. Then there were some years where trust just wasn't something I gave freely. I believed it had to be earned. Not necessarily a great trait. These days, I have different definitions of trust and different levels of trust. My family, I trust them without condition. Just as I love them.
Well, that's about all on that subject.
Now, turns out the two images below were not such a hit with my sister, grandma of S and A! I got them printed in metallic and they are fun, nothing fantastical. In fact, the online image looks much better than the print. I'm going to try it in a matte finish and see what I think.
And I'm working on some fabulous stuff for my etsy shop that I think will be a big hit! And trying to create a jillion different albums (so that's an exaggeration..hah!) but hopefully I can soon be done with the wedding ones. I'm learning total patience on one of the projects. And that's the way it should be. The album needs to be something the couple is totally happy with so it is taking longer then most. Well enjoy, surf the archives and please post!

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