Saturday, June 07, 2008

sick. sirens went off.

brief points of this post: sick. tornado sirens. flowers. found a blog to read! photographs interspersed throughout. but you must read my entry!

not much fun being sick. started with a slight headache. morphed into what I thought was head cold, maybe some sinus/allergy issues. that was monday. by wednesday, I thought it would be the last of it. not so. worked extra long day in hopes of either working it out of my system or having everything done so I could slack off at work thursday. I got home, took nyqu-i-l and went to bed. been existing on spr-i-t-e and tea all week basically. some chicken noodle soup, til that was just too salty. (yes, the horrible boxed kind). hot holiday tea, for those wondering. yummy even when sick. thursday rolled in and I barely made it to work. got through deadline, and one hour and a half later, left, did the web check in from home with our fast med place here and by noon was in the office getting the ana-ly-sis. keep reading...

sinusitus. big time. i'm telling you my jaw felt like it was on fire, my head was about to rip open and my eyes hurt. got the z-pac and some other stuff. came home. went to bed, cold washcloth on head. as the day wore on and oddly enough, the dryline moved in, my head was literally exploding. at 9 p.m. in a deep sleep finally after taking tylenol extra strength and bawling like a baby..scared my family. they wanted to take me to the dr. (earlier that day) ... then 9 pm my husband comes in and quietly says, 'honey, they're sounding the sirens'...I sat up like a bolt of lightning (his words) and didn't hear a thing, beginning to think I'm dreaming. then it hit me, whoa, way too quiet, I mean like deathly quiet. now I'm hitting panic mode. I get up see the kids and granddaughter baby huddled in the hallway. I follow my husband outside then hear the sirens in the distance. for some reason ours wasn't working. drats. it was a week ago.
so I call the emergency services and find out it's straight line winds as I was so not with it enough to check the tv. then my oldest son calls and tells me the same. we're just suppose to stay inside away from windows. oddly enough, my headache is long gone. of course, the storm is HERE! well, it finally came but lucky for duncan again, it wasn't much. then I turn on the TV and see that the storm line extended from Iowa, into Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Now that's one long storm!
well, aside from that. haven't done much of anything but lay in bed.

had to drag self out to that mart to get some supplies. that wore me out. still don't feel a whole bunch better. tried to shoot some flower photos this a.m. I like them! shot a pic of my hot tea. pathetic, heh?

tonight, I covered the bed in a box of photos that were years overdue of being put in albums. oh, some were in albums once. took them out and never got them back in. now, don't confuse album work with scrapbook. don't do that much these days.
oh and this morning I got to read a few blogs...found a new one I LOVE ..dispatch from LA! beautiful, enjoyable. I felt like I got a trip overseas with her lovely yummy photographs!

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