Saturday, June 21, 2008

Outdoor sets

Well really this should be titled, backyard fence is getting repaired! I'll get to the outdoor sets for photos in a moment.
A wind storm knocked down a portion of our fence which was leaning anyway when we bought the house. We wanted the house so bad that we didn't want to push it too much at contract and it needed extensive electrical work upgraded, so we 'ignored' many items that the general inspector pointed out. So last night my husband finally got to working on the fence. He's just happy to have had a real reason to destroy the very old-fashioned swingset that was in the backyard, (also came with house). Our kids had talked him out of it once and we even bought paint to paint it. They wanted it for their kids. But it really was an eyesore (especially after I bought the wrong color spray paint and it was construction worker's orange...ick...and it was taking up valuable, VALUABLE space that I wanted for landscaping for, what else? Portraits!!
So, the swingset is now officially demolished. My husband is using the legs for posts for the back portion of the fence, on the other side, so they won't be visible in my yard! hah! Once the fence is back up, we can start landscaping so I have a wonderful mini park in my backyard to do great outdoor portraits. I can't wait for the fall!
If you think you want to book a session for fall portraits, let me know now so I can get a list going. It will be for little kids and seniors. I'm also working on some cool ideas for senior sets.

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