Friday, June 13, 2008

Cowboy Claude

This post has been long overdue! Shame on me! I shot these photos of this fine cowboy last year following the Oklahoma Centennial's Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive, a 2008 historic 're-enactment' along the same trail pretty much as in the 1800s. The cowboys started out down by the Red River and I met up with this guy as they entered Stephens County (Duncan) Oklahoma. After the first week was over of the drive, I met with Claude and his family to do some portraits of him. So that is what some of these are. I'm still processing cattle drive photos, but these are being printed and I will be giving him a set. I'm only posting a few here, but he gets to see all the best from the portrait work.
I am working on a line of cards and a book, so if you are interested, please post and I will put you on my email mailing list so that when the book is ready, I can send you an e-mail announcement with details. Thanks!


Suzanne said...

What beautiful pictures! I so love them!! Great job!

Gina Geigley said...


Toni said...

Thanks bunches! Gina, I love your baby holding dogtag shot!