Monday, January 12, 2009

Blueberry = beauty

Blueberries! I love them! Absolutely!

I can't say when I first discovered that I had a taste for them. Honestly, I have no idea! I can tell you about apples and peaches and blackberries - all from my summers in Sebastopol, California as a young girl. Especially blackberries and raspberries! My nephews and I, we were all pretty much the same age..long story, but I didn't come along until my mom was 50 and thus began my mom's 'second' group of children. I kind of fell in the middle of 'batch 1' and batch 2. Mom had this crazy idea to adopt triplets when I was 4.
But back to my story. My nephews, Jerry and Joey (Johnny was 'older' so of course, he didn't play our games). We'd sneak through the fence into the neighbor's backyard and eat blackberries and raspberries until we were delightfully full of dessert, then we'd head back and always got caught! I'm thinking now that the juice stains gave us away. Ummm....
Then years later, I enjoyed the delights of picking wild blackberries in Arkansas when I was pregnant with my first son.
But blueberries...I have no idea. I don't ever remember having them as a little girl. No, I really think it was after I got married. No matter, I love them and can eat a massive quantity in one day, just as I can with blackberries.
And everytime I buy them, I think, MUST take pictures first. But then I eat them. Finally I took some photos so I could make some beautiful cards and postcards from them. I've been seriously creating some wonderful images and products that I plan to offer up for sale.
And we all know that blueberries have great antioxidant value.

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