Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice on Tuesday

My favorite. In my front yard early this morning around 8:15 a.m.

See the heart? This was above my head about four feet. Thank goodness for a long lens plus I was losing light.

in my neighbor's yard this morning. at least it didn't fall on houses or vehicles! they just had their yard cleaned this weekend, at least it landed near the pickup pile! hahah!
Yes, we finally got ice. Maybe it clears up tomorrow, doubtful. Managed to get a few shots this morning before work and a few more when I got home this evening though the light was nearly gone. I think that everyone showed up for work today at our newspaper (well they did in the newsroom, and two other departments. And I have to applaud one of the carriers. They are independent contractors so some special rules apply to them, yet this one woman had to drive in from a neighboring town to pick up her papers for delivery. She got there two hours early and sat in her car with it running until the papers were ready off the dock. I only know this as I was headed to the print shop and came back in and found out from the circulation director about her. Now that's dedication. Yet there were some 'younger ones' who weren't quite as dedicated.
For the most part, it seemed fairly quiet for a snow day.
This first one below, definitely low light but isn't that ice drop pretty?

I made my husband stop in the middle of the road so I could photograph this. I think it would have been prettier had I shot it in the morning. It was several feet above my head, again, long lens capture!
1oth Street in front of the newspaper. Screamed for black and white conversion.
Circles of ice on rusted pipes in front of the print shop.

And a few more beautifully shaped leaves coated in ice as night creeps in.

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