Sunday, January 25, 2009


We've been extremely fortunate here in Oklahoma with the winter weather, at least in our little area, but tonight they are forecasting freezing rain, ice for tomorrow through Tuesday. As a 'normal' person, I hate ice. Yet, everytime it happens, I'm out in it. That's the photographer and teenager in me. Two years ago we had a huge ice storm hit Oklahoma and I was all over the place on foot photographing the storm's beauty up close. I'm in search of the disc with the images, but haven't found it yet. I did find this one that's just a general winter shot, off one of my old blog posts. And yes, I'll be out again tomorrow and Tuesday. Wish me luck. I really don't want to bust on the ground. But if you see someone walking around with socks on their shoes and with camera in hand, that'd be me!
And if anyone really wants this image, I'll search harder for the original and upload it to my etsy shop! I love this shot and forgot about it until I searched my archives of my blog.

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