Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oklahoma tree and lots of wind

Being a tad lazy and just posting some I did awhile back. It's windy, windy here in Oklahoma tonight and I'm hoping it calms down enough for some backroad traveling tomorrow so I can get some new landscape images. I haven't had anything new to play with as far as textures go on my photos and landscapes and nature are my first photo passions.
Lone tree, 1 image series b

Lone tree, 1 image series a
If you like these, share a comment and I will respond. It's nice to know if people like what you post. On another note, is shutting down on Monday. Not sure if the magazine is ending, but it's a shame the site will disappear. Some fantastic photographers on there. If you haven't ever visited, today is the day to do so.
Happy Sunday!

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Erin said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the use of textures on these. I will have to try more textures in my landscapes. Super cool. :)