Friday, January 30, 2009

Wisp and Iced Blue

Two new images going into my etsy shop! The Iced Blue is a piece I used with a texture/image courtesy of mirkaphotographics (flickr) that she shot while over in the Czech Republic. I always do more than just layer an image. The other is "Wisp" again a layered image. I shot these on one of the coldest days this week after the ice storm hit Oklahoma. It moved out from our area quicker and for the most part we are extremely fortunate in our county compared to other regions that the storm has passed through.

Well, these will have to do for a few days. Wrapping up a couple projects, so if I don't respond to your emails or comments, just know I appreciate them! And one other thing, I have discovered that my blog page looks funky on some monitors, like the banner is off to one side farther than the page. Not sure why, but I can assure you, it looks fine on the majority of monitors.

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