Sunday, May 24, 2009

Faith on a Saturday

I just felt the need for a spontaneous drive late Saturday afternoon so my husband and I grabbed my gear and off we headed. He wanted to go north as the Oklahoma clouds were really topping out, but I wanted to head toward Walters/Cotton County, which is south and then west. I had never been there, well once or twice or three times as a kid with my mom but not for photography purposes as an adult.
I wanted to find something, an old barn, horses, anything picturesque. I really longed for an old abandoned church.

I got my wish! I really want this place! There we are and right after we crossed into the next county just a bit, I saw this HUGE structure and four huge windows and started hollering. Find a road, quick, well, there was one right there, country gravel too. It was like time had passed this place by. It was so spiritual for me but I had on flip flops and fire ants were everywhere. Also, worried about snakes!
So I shot from the road. The place has to be well over 100 years old. You can't even tell it's there if driving up on it from another angle.
Here's just a few quick processes of it.

Later, in Walters, when we stopped for a shaved ice, the woman said it was an old Methodist church. My mind is spinning thinking how could I ever afford to get it, restore it! Ah..........anyway, the last shot is more like what it looks like. The others are processed a bit dark. Will probably redo those later today.
Now this one we stopped to shoot on our way back home. The sign had something different on the other side, so we would have missed this if we had taken a different route. I shot it for my brother. He is an exercise maniac! And his faith is extremely strong. I find it quite appropriate.

As children, we went to a private school in California, the Pillar of Fire Academy. Then when we moved to Oklahoma, we attended an Assembly of God church for a short while before going to the Methodist church, then the Presbyterian. Later in life, we attended First Christian Church before again attending an Assembly of God. An Assembly of God church was the last church my mother and I attended together before her death. Same with my mother-in-law. And, one of my very best friends from elementary school and junior high actually married a guy who is an Assembly of God pastor. So, see, very appropriate!
I'll have more on my afternoon drive later. I'm off to bed now. My son just accused me of typing like I'm on crack/sounding like Clark Kent over there! See, he shouldn't have fallen asleep on the couch. Ah, morning is nearly here, so I guess I should go to bed. Everytime I drink green tea, this happens. Great stuff for the creative process.

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The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, these are beautiful! Hopefully someone with save the church before it is too far gone. But there is beauty in these old abandoned strcutures, the stories they could tell...