Monday, May 18, 2009

MM goes to the carnival

This child is fearless when it comes to amusement rides I guess! She had so much fun and of course, I didn't take near enough pictures (ummm 200 in an hour's time..) Here's a few of my favorites. Course I will probably most more than just a few.

I wanted to say, a lot of people sharpen for web with their images and I rarely do that. It's just another step to mess with for me that I don't care much for. These were quickly processed and then I make duplicate copies and resize them and add whatever I feel like adding at the time, either my full name, or t-photos (something I've gone by for years and years...I started out as Photography by Toni but when I got around to web presence and domains, that was already taken, otherwise I'd probably use it. That's why I use it for my blog. More on this subject another time. And tomorrow I'll add more fun photos from this weekend, without the kids in them.

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