Saturday, May 02, 2009

Urban Toddler

This turned out just the way I hoped. I found this darling little dress and knew exactly where I wanted to photograph her in it. I thought I had posted these once, but looked back in April and saw that I didn't.

This middle one is my favorite!

I love these kinds of sessions! The weather is perfect (when there is no rain or wind, umm I know, I'm in Oklahoma...)

If you want a Urban Toddler session, contact me and let's set it up. I assure you that you can afford me! Brings me to another thought I need to post. I am not doing baby sessions anymore. I am ready to book seniors, toddlers, dogs, horses, cats and some weddings. I also will do teen fashion.
The reason I said above that you could afford me, is I have been checking around in casual conversation and have learned that a lot of area people are going to the studio in Walmart and spending well upwards of $200 and more. Ummm...SENIORS! I'm telling you, don't get your senior portrait done there! Really, call me! You will have much more fun doing a location session and you will have photos that will show off your personality. Can you get that at 'that place?!' I don't think so.

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