Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol's Final 3 show

Oh wow! Just how do you vote!?!!! Adam's awesome, but Kris and Danny got my votes. When Kris walked out on the stage to do KW's Heartless, I was tickled, but saw the guitar and thought, hummm....but he just blew me away. Fabulous! Danny, well, always a fan from the very first day. My husband has always been a Kris fan and I really wondered if he'd hang on this long. So glad he did! My husband and I talked about why we went with these two as our final choice this year. It boils down to this. Adam has always been great. But we haven't seen a lot of growth. I mean, he's already at his peak for the moment. He's just superb and a fantastic performer. Ranks right up there with many. His vocals are dynamic. No matter what happens, he's a star. I wasn't overjoyed with his performance of U2's song. It was good. I've also decided that the music almost overwhelms his vocals and I just don't care for his backup singers. It's like they are trying to over sing him.
As for Kris, wow, he just amazed me tonight. And Randy Jackson giving him such high praise on the second performance was right on.
At one point, we were talking of Kara. She always seems so negative and her face indicated that, but then she praised Kris and surprised both me and my husband. I loved the fact that Simon took her to task for her comments on Kris' first performance.
Of course, I'm saving my very favorite to talk about last. Danny just showed that he is definitely an American Idol with his performance of "You Are So Beautiful"..nothing over the top, just pure at the top, in the stars, whatever.
I am so glad that AI returned this year. Hope it keeps coming back. Can't wait to see tomorrow's show. Oh and have you noticed that Paula seems to be more in tune with what is going on, compared to last year?!!
And being an Oklahoma resident, I of course, must mention Carrie Underwood. That was a nice bit on her trip to Africa. It's nice to see that these stars do give back, even if it appears to be publicity related. It is inspiring all the same. I believe she was genuine in her visit there.

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