Monday, May 25, 2009

A special preview

We interrupt the country drive images to offer a sneak peek into a darling session I did Sunday. This is Miss A's 1st birthday portraits, along with a few of her brother, L. Her mom called me up about a week or so ago and said she wanted something other than Wal-Mart! Yay! Daddy is in Iraq and won't be home until August. Tami said that A. was only three months when he left. I'm sure he'll become a big blubbering soldier when he sees these. I won't apologize! Ha! Just enjoy them and hopefully he'll get a package of them in the mail so he has some to carry with him.
This little girl is just gorgeous. She's as teeny as can be, but fearless and so sugary sweet. I instantly fell in love with her. We did her photos first at the Lindley House Bed & Breakfast. The grounds are lovely with lots of grass, beautiful blooming plants and flowers. We probably should have done them a couple hours later than we did, but I still managed to get some fantastic images.
Then we headed off a local park and this child was not a bit intimidated by the other children, a dog or any of it. I think the storyboard tells the tale! Thank you Tami!


Tammera said...

Toni! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am SO SO excited to show my husband, as well as everyone else. You better believe I'll be doing some bragging on your photography! :) In just these few photos, you captured them so perfectly. Her personality just shines through. Thank you so much for working with us!

Tammera said...

Toni! These are BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot wait to show my husband as well as everyone else. You captured them perfectly! Her personality shines through. I'm sure her Daddy will see it and become somewhat acquainted with his little girl. You better believe I'll be bragging about your photography! :) I'm excited to see the rest! Thank you Toni so much for working with us!

flip flops and pearls said...

Toni, these are AWESOME!!!!! Love them all. Great job! I need to get on Props more and get some inspitarion. Seeing these makes me want to get out and SHOOT!!!

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