Friday, May 15, 2009

A new toy!

The Shelfari widget...I posted one below. Had so much fun adding books to it that I'm reading or plan to read very soon. Scroll your mouse over it and a pop up displays a synopsis and you can click on the book and go places. I put mine at the bottom so the entire shelf I created would show, otherwise a row gets lost on the side of my blog.

I also plan to start a new blog this summer. I plan to keep this one as I've been using it, but the new one will feature a lot of my western work, award images and any seniors or weddings that I might do. It will have a very clean, sparse look to it with only the images and a sentence or two about the image posted.

I'd love to know what keeps bringing many of you back to this blog?! I'm really trying to get back in a creative zone that has been lost for sometime it seems. Well I'm not much into writing tonight, so I'm ending this post here. I'll add a cupcake for a treat!


Caroline said...

Those shots would be great for a 4th of July baking feature!

Toni said...

Oh you are so right Caroline! I work for a newspaper and they pretty much did away with the food section during the reign of the last publisher. Much to the dismay of foodies, including myself.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Mmmm... these cupcake photographs fun AND beautiful!

Amy Dunn said...

Great perspective! I like your use of DOF in these images. Definitely patriotic yummies, just in time for summer. ^_^