Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mom would have liked this

I've always found Bethsbagz items in her etsy shop to be adorable. you may have to copy/paste into your browser, having trouble adding it this morning.
I looked at it this morning and saw this little pincushion and thought of my mom. She loved to sew and was extremely good at it. When my sister was a teenager and I was just a toddler, she made identical dresses for us and I had over 400 in my closet. I don't have my scanner hooked up or I would add one of those photos of my sister and I. My mom also had a Boxer dog named Cindy at that time too. So seeing this pincushion was fun and brought back memories. If she was still alive, that's what I would get her for Mother's Day.
On another thought, not related to that, but to Mother's Day. I was sitting at work yesterday when our publisher rounded the corner with a bunch of long stemmed red roses in his hand and one pulled out and a coworker sang out my name. Now how bad is this? Instead of thinking oh how sweet, because he really is a nice guy, I think, ok, it's not my birthday, where's the pink slip?! Hah! He actually gave all the mom's roses at work. That was a first for me -- the big boss giving out flowers. Now the last publisher was also thoughtful. At Christmas, he'd give us gift cards to the local video/bookstore.
Well, that's it for the moment. It's rainy here in southern Oklahoma and I'm trying to decide to go to Lawton for the day or just stay home and play on the computer. If I go, I know I'll end up spending money..ummmmm hahah
Meanwhile go visit Bethsbagz ... oh wait, I can stay home and shop online....ha!

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flip flops and pearls said...

Thanks for the mention of ETSY T!! Know I need to go shopping! lol
I love me some Etsy!
Have a great weekend Friend!