Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl commercials

UPDATE: The Google video link below actually takes you to 2006 videos, but if you want to see any from 2009, just do the search at Google video. If you haven't seen the new Doritos ad/snowglobe commercial, definitely guaranteed! Going back and watching the the 06 ads, I loved the Clydesdale horse getting a little help pulling the wagon, and the 'streaker' sheep, both Budweiser ads. Timewasters but still enjoyable!
First, let me say, never been a Bruce fan and so this is probably the first year in many that I ignored the half-time show. I 'heard' it, but after his introduction and watching him 'attempt' to get up from the back bend, that was excruciating. I can give him props for that, as I can't even attempt such an act, but I laughed thinking he was stuck and couldn't get back up.
Anyway, for his age, he still rocks, but I'm still not a huge fan!
I did enjoy Jennifer Hudson's performance and even Faith Hill. Though I think her pre-commercial show was pretty good.

Now, onto the best part of the game, (honestly, I didn't watch but bits of the game while sitting here playing on my computer. I leave that to the guys in the family) But the trailers for the upcoming year of movies, OH YEAH! Transformers 2, Star Trek, Watchmen and this I've known for sometime and absolutely can't wait: Fast and Furious 2009!
So glad it is only a couple months away! Shortly after the original came out, I went and bought a Black Geo Prism, yes, crazy. I'm not 'that old! I drove that everywhere. Loved it. So what if I was over 35 and a mom! Just because you have children, get older, try to be responsible, doesn't mean you can't have FUN! I mean really, guys have their toys: Harley's, boats, etc...!
My youngest son has the car now. He better be careful or I may just reclaim it! Course, it would need a complete paint job, interior upgrade, etc...Just kidding son!
Super Bowl commercials: Loved the Mr. Potato head one, well not so much at the end..hahaha..., and if you do a search you will find the videos online of course. I found this link:
But this is the best one, it has all the commercials listed by quarter! So if you missed them or just want to watch your favorites again, the joys of Internet!

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