Friday, February 06, 2009

Best blog ever!
Found out about this through my PhotoJoJo newsletter. It's a site where people can upload a few photos from a camera, film or digital that they've found so those items can be returned to rightful owners!
Last year during the worldwide Scott Kelby photowalk, my husband and I took part in the OKC group. Well, sadly, I lost my little case that had all my digital cards in it filled with photos. One was full of family photos. Besides the loss of that, I've never been able to replace them. There were several hundreds of dollars in that tiny case. Mostly 2 GB cards. I think there were like 7 cards total in it. Maybe 6.
Anyway, I was so bummed. We even backtracked our route as soon as I discovered they were gone. Finding out about this site is just super. Even if I never get my cards/images back, I think everyone should know about the site and forward it to everyone they know!
Also, another sad story about losing photos. When my oldest son (he's 25 now) was 2, I had a bunch of stuff stolen from someone that was keeping it for me. I'm talking everything, his baby crib, toys, clothes, tons of books, my childhood scrapbooks and photo albums.
I searched for years to try and find my stuff, but never had luck. That was in the mid 1980s. I would be so tickled if I ever got my scrapbooks and albums back. The scrapbooks had all my childhood cards - birthday, Christmas, etc.. that my mom and other family members had given me, plus lots of other wonderful memorabilia.
That is the nice thing about the advances of technology. It really allows us to search/return/discover things we might not have been able to years ago. Now, go check out the site. Who knows, you might find your photos or see someone in them you know! Good luck!

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