Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Saturday

Just two of the many I shot of this corner blooming shrub yesterday. I saw it in the morning on the way to work and knew it was in the perfect stage for great photographs. Not so many blooms that it would be all you see, but just enough. And I've always thought this fence was fantastic. The homeowners (haven't a clue who they are) but they always have potted plants on the porch timed for the seasons. And a vintage bicycle that leans up against the fence. The dogs in the back barked and barked but either were on a chain or just not interested enough to come to the fence, which I was kind of glad because their barks were kind of boisterous. All I wanted to do was photograph the shrub. I've tons more, will post later sometime. The house across the street also is another photographic adventure but the old guy who lives at it is too friendly. Oh he's a nice sort, it's just when I'm photographing nature, I don't like chit chat in my ear constantly! Kind of spoils the mood, ya know?
Today I am headed out to our local humane society shelter to do dog portraits for their upcoming fundraiser. Wish me luck!

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