Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buy it before it's gone!

Cowboys & Indians Photographing the West issue is on the stands now! Yes, I'm bragging since I have a photo in it! Now, even so, it is by far the best issue yet for the annual contest they sponsor. The images in it are superior. How tough a job to judge!
The grand prize winner was submitted by a 14 year old boy! Awesome! Some of my favorites include: in equestrian, Untitled by Marion Cox, pg 130; landscape, Untitled by Cynthia Smalley, pg 132. (I'm seeing another one also by Smalley, so I'm going to do a search online. I like her work). Both of these were honorable mention, as was mine. I also liked Daydreamer by Herberto M. Alves, pg 130.

Barn Owls by Martin Giovannini (beautiful!) pg 107and dang, I can't believe this didn't win Untitled by Georgia Martin Baker. wow, just breathtaking. Black and white boy on horse. You have to get this magazine. There are so many wonderful images in it! Plus an entire feature on the photography of Timothy O'Sullivan and David C. Schultz. I could list every image and still feel like there should be more. So just go buy the issue!

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