Monday, February 02, 2009

White: Kitchen

A few weeks ago, a flickr friend and I agreed to do some collaborations. She suggested white. We didn't delve into what we had in mind. I did mention linens, but that didn't happen. Instead, Saturday, I grabbed one of my vintage ceramic pitchers off the shelf in my kitchen and shot a bunch of images using it. Sent her three for variety, and she immediately took this one, mine is on the left, and paired it with something she had shot from the right. Now how is that for the muse?! I love it.

This collaboration thing could prove a new addiction in photography for me. There are two other people I'm wanting to do this with. Must send e-mails! Like I don't have enough to pitter about with.
Now I need to get this uploaded to my lab and get a few postcards made for myself and Leaca! Oops, that was a surprise...pretend you didn't read that Leaca!

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leaca said...

They do look so cute together and collaborating is sooooo addictive. I am glad you are having fun too. =]