Monday, February 02, 2009

Puppy Bowl V

This is fun to watch with your kids or (secretly, late at night alone! after your husband is in bed!) We haven't had a dog in a couple years and I do enjoy having one around except the right one hasn't found us yet!
Visit the Animal Planet channel to watch the Puppy Bowl V clips. Entertaining! There's one beagle, I think her name is Matilda, she's a feisty little one. I've been thinking about getting one just like her! Or that cute little black and white ball of fluff that is in the game too.
And the German Shepherd is spirited for sure. But I had one years ago, that was enough.
Over the years, I've had a variety of dogs. My senior year of high school and up to after college, I had a darling little pup, 'Johnny'...I think he was a mixture of Corgi and who knows. He was definitely a traveler. I'd pick up my keys and he was ready to go for a ride in my bright, sunshine yellow Pacer with fantastic brown interior. I loved that car.
When I was pregnant with my first son, I had rescued a beagle hound dog, Sparky. He and my husband were not such great friends. He loved to bark into the window fan just as my husband would fall asleep each morning after working the graveyard shift. We finally had to give him to someone who lived in the country as he hated living in the city. When I got him, we lived in the country and he was fine, but in the city limits, an entirely different attitude. I still miss him!
Oh to get past my fear of German Shepherds, after college, I got one and named him Dillinger. That dog was just plain dumb. But I loved him all the same. My mom always had chihuahua's and we've had silly terriers/chihuahua mixes.
I'd have to say though, rescuing a Black Lab one Christmas eve was the best. My youngest son carried her "Blacky" into the house, or maybe it was the other way around...she was huge even for a pup, but was at the store and it was snowing and icing up. Her ribs were showing and we took her home under the guise of "giving Daddy his gift!"
It worked! For the next 12 plus years, she was as much a member of our family as any one of us were. It was hard when we lost her. Not long after that, we also lost our little terrier mix. Since then, we've had cats. But now we are down to one cat. Since moving into our new home, three have just up and disappeared. They were cats we had for years and years. So we don't know what has happened to them.
Well if you've read all this, you are either extremely bored or really love animal stories. Either way, maybe I should apologize! Or you can just go visit your local humane society shelter and volunteer, donate or adopt a pet.
I know, two posts back to back and no photos?! What's the blog world become?!! I will return with photos.

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