Friday, October 06, 2006

Cow dogs, Quarter Horses and Canon-Nikon addicts!

You just never know who you'll meet - or where! Today was one of those hurry up but never get anywhere days! Well, during the in-betweens, my oldest son, Tim, and I saw a yard sale in Duncan. We went back after a bit to check it out and I noticed some scrapbooking magazines and PC Photo mags. I casually said to the man, oh, someone's a photographer at which point, he said, his wife. I mentioned my studio and next thing I know, out comes this woman with an album of images! And that's how you make friends! Linda and I instantly hit it off and her passion for photography is awesome! *Photosby LindaGayle (Choctaw, OK)
Next thing you know, she's showing me her Nikon D200 and letting me test snap some images. Wow, that thing rocks.

OK- stop right there - what am I saying?!!! I'm a Canon addict! LOL

You're probably thinking about now, what's all this got to do with cow dogs and Quarter Horses! Throughout my life, I keep having these encounters with people connected with rodeo, Quarter Horse owners and such. Just when I think I've escaped (ya see, I've never rode a horse, but have photographed plenty!) somehow that world reenters mine! Course, my parents were horse people (before I came along!)

Linda and her husband are heavily involved in the Quarter Horse industry and Linda's photos are wonderful for someone who claims she really is just playing and learning! She happily told me she's retired and now enjoys shooting team roping events. I've put her link to her site here! Go check it out! Her photography portion is still in the works, I think. Oh, and she's an artist too!

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