Sunday, October 01, 2006

A weekend of weddings!

Not one, but two beautiful weddings this weekend. No, I'm not crazy. One was Friday night in Elmore City, the other was Saturday night in Oklahoma City. I'll be posting some of my favorites over the next couple days while I edit the images.
I hesitated for years to photograph weddings, only doing those for friends that begged me to do so. I'm so tickled now when someone asks me to shoot their wedding! It's an honor and I just love the romance of a wedding. When Rex and I got married (over 21 years now!) we were lucky to get any images from that day. I think the ones we have were shot with my old 110 camera, one roll. The 'friend' there who was shooting disappeared with the film!

If you have a wedding coming up and haven't found a photographer yet, I have openings, just give me a call if you like my work. I'm not a traditional photographer and really prefer the photojournalistic style with a bit of artsy slant. Weddings start at $600. Consultations - no charge!

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