Friday, October 13, 2006

A flower from my son

I had a glass vase filled with dried roses that my sons and husband had given me over the past few years. They were like inspiration for me. As they dried they changed colors and took on new textures and always reminded me of the boys childhood. Well recently, someone was visiting and knocked the vase over and broke it. This happened unknown to the entire family. I found a piece of the vase but it didn't dawn on me exactly what it was. Until two weeks later! There wasn't a hint of the rose petals. When I discovered it, I was so sad. Told my family, and my son felt bad also. It was a friend of his who did it, he didn't know either at the time. Well the other day, on one of our last warm days, he gathered some flowers for me. Here's a photo of one of those flowers. It's so pretty. I shot it in front of my dining room window that has great light coming in from the west. I slightly overexposed it and then using a photo filter added back in some color for a bit of punch. Hope you like it!

And thank you Jeremy!

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