Friday, October 27, 2006

GypsyMoon Soaps are returning!

Several years ago, I started a little home-based venture - soapmaking. No, no, not that melt and pour stuff. Ick! Real, homemade soap, packed with herbs and true essential oils! Well, instead of listening to my husband, mom and sister and do that full time, I did something 'normal' I got a job that was offered...going back into the news industry. Well, seven years later and I'm feelin' the itch to make soap again! It's that wanderlust gypsy attitude I've got buried in me. Ah-ha, gypsytude! My soap was labeled GypsyMoon Soaps. That kind of ties into the Blue Moon's that artsy/rebel side of me.

Back then, I had so many orders for soap, people were buying it by the loaf for the holidays. I couldn't hardly keep up.
Peppermint, rosemary, rosemary patchouli, peppermint and lemongrass, just good stuff I tell ya!

So, I'm going to be digging out my soap gear and putting it to work. If you want soap, I'm taking orders now! All have to be pre-paid and it takes the soap about four weeks to cure. That means, ORDER NOW if you want it by Christmas time! Loaves are just over a pound - think in terms of a brick but a little bigger!
They don't come cheap either! This stuff is the bomb! $22.50 per loaf. Will cut and wrap, add $3 bucks!
Each loaf is made individually. I usually will make two loaves a day, but it depends on my photo schedule and the holiday rush. Loaves are made in order first paids/first orders. If you want shipping, please tell me.
Deadline to order - NOVEMBER 30! Payments must be made by then also.

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