Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A dog's day!

It was definitely a dog's day Saturday and dogs of all sizes strutted their stuff! The winner of the best dressed pet went to a darling little dog owned by Pam Leffler of Duncan! I didn't get the dog's name on the card, but had so much fun photographing her. She was definitely a tribute to The Wizard of Oz! Pam gets her CD of images free, along with a gift certificate for a free holiday pet session. Congratulations Pam and pup!

There was something like $4,000 raised from that event, including from pet photos by 'me'... Everyone who donated and had pet pictures taken at the fall display will be able to get their CDs at the Stephens County Humane Society Friday or any time after at their own convenience.

One of the funny highlights of the day was when my former boss was 'attacked' by a K-9 officer of Marlow under the guidance of Officer Tony Lynch. It drew plenty of laughter, including by the victim himself! What a sport! See a couple of the images here!

Hopefully, the quick collage I threw together is big enough for your viewing. If it isn't, I'll repost those images individually.
And I must say I couldn't have done the photos without the help of my son, Tim and his wife, Ashley, and my brother, Kelly! Thanks sweeties!
And Kelly even took time out of the day to walk a few of the pound pets around the park. He said one of them enjoyed cleaning up the hot dogs found on the ground.
Thank you to everyone who came out, whether you had a dog with you or not. Your support of the Stephens County Humane Society shelter is definitely appreciated! Be sure to visit their link if you are looking for a pet or just want to donate, time or $$$!

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