Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carousel colors!

My nephew's kids on the carousel at St. Augustine. Hamming it up of course for Auntie Toni!
I did several of these last night. What else to do when stuck indoors?! I will post more later. I'm going to make them into notecards for my sister.

Just having fun creating digi paper blends and cross processing extremely! No tutorial, just winging it.
I'm also wondering if anyone even visits here anymore? My globe trackr isn't working I think, so I don't know if you are stopping by or not. Post a comment!

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Misty Cullum said...

Yes, I'm still stopping by...LOL! I can't stand not knowing what the Valentine special is going to be! =) You know I'm gonna have to come see you every month for at least a year! LOL I guess that's the price you pay for doing such wonderful work!