Sunday, January 07, 2007

Trying to catch up!

This little card is for Laura who owns Junk Diva in Duncan. Several of my images are on display there as well as at my studio in Marlow.
Just a quick note to everyone who has called and wondering about Valentine's Day portraits. I will have it posted FRIDAY! Not a day before! ;-) I am a bit behind and only just got my tree down at home this weekend. So, I'm playing catch up from the holidays and am working out some final details on the Limited Edition offering. For those who may have hesitated to call me because they think they can't afford portraits, the Valentine's LE is the time to get some fun images of your kids. It will not break your budget!
And for those who are wanting in on the annual January black and white special, those details will be posted late Thursday.
Meanwhile, enjoy the beginning of your new year! Don't make a resolution, just DO IT. Whatever IT may be!
My IT this weekend included cleaning out the paper clutter that has taken over in recent months.


Misty Cullum said...

Well, am I driving you insane yet? LOL

Toni said...

Of course! LOL I've been 'digital scrapbooking' in between housework. Then it was back to the 'paper' today...ick!