Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekends are booking up

I was going through some old wedding images I shot from last year. This was one of my favorites. I reworked it just a bit and really love the final outcome of it. The frame and my logo are on it only for blog purposes. I'm going to redo some more of Jena's photos and send them to her as a surprise. She was such a calm bride and you can tell by this lovely smile that she was having FUN!

I've sent out the information to those of you that requested wedding info, if I had your e-mail addresses. There was one I still don't have an e-mail for. "E" if you read this, know I haven't forgotten you. I'm still waiting to hear back from the other bride that has the same date as you.

Yes, brides-to-be and mom's of...those June and July dates are filling fast! Don't wait - many photographers are already booked up. I'm doing only a limited number of weddings this year. Once those slots are filled, I won't accept anymore. I must have time for editing and designing. If I'm shooting a wedding every weekend, I would never get any of the images completed. And that also means albums.

Something else I want to mention: You spend hundreds to thousands of $$ on food and other items that only last for that day. Please remember that a photographer's services offer you a lifelong investment of your day.

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