Friday, January 19, 2007

Insanely SEXY Messenger Bags

OK, the SEXY part is what the creator of these bags calls her store at eBAy. Ya gotta love these! They are so fun looking. If I was brave enough, I'd probably get one, like the bottom one. It reminds me of the Day of the Dead dolls I used to have when I was a kid and my mom traveled to Mexico and brought them back for me. The other one I like is the skulls with roses headwrap. Too funny.
If you click on the title of this post, it'll take you to the ebay store where you can purchase these or other bags. These bags rock! I got permission from the creator of the bags to post the photos. Turns out her daughter wanted something unusual and cool to carry her laptop in. This is what inspired her to make these! And a business was born. Anytime I can give KUDOS to helping some small home-based business get noticed, I'll do it. But it's gotta be something I really, really like. I'm probably going to get one to carry my camera gear in.
You've gotta click on the link to see her auctions. I love these bags!

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