Thursday, January 04, 2007

The missing chocolate!

First, every year, we get a big box of chocolate for the holidays. Well, I waited and the Hershey's Pot o' Gold was GONE, in fact, the big W store didn't have any chocolate except for this brand. Well, fine, then, surely it should be good. After all, it's chocolate, right? Wrong! It was OK, just OK, not great. Then I get home, we open it and as you see, there is one missing from the box! Can you believe it? At first I was a bit offended that someone in the factory line would take a chocolate. But then again, who knows what happened. After awhile, I found great humor in it.
One other thing, we never did finish it. In fact, we never finished the top layer ...
I was actually going to post a different image, but didn't feel like resizing a copy right now. So, I'm sitting here watching a neat Rachel Ray show where she visits Chattanooga and several places, including a little chocolate shop. Reminded me that I had this photo already sized for the blog. Oh, and she visited a really neat place "Aretha Frankensteins" a little house converted into a great diner. Too cool! The guy bought all the furnishings off ebay and travels, so Rachel said. Looked like a perfect spot for a photo excursion!

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