Thursday, January 11, 2007

No de-icer!

I went to Wal-mart this afternoon. OHMIGOSH! It was madness I tell ya! I finally left. They're out of de-icer. Normally I wouldn't venture out if I didn't have to in such a severe situation, but I want to get PHOTOS! Course, I promised my boss at the paper I'd get some also. It'll be a doozy I think. Let's see, our provisions for the storm include the following menu: Peanut Butter, both kinds, tuna fish, and plenty of soup in cans! Oh yes, a huge can of the off brand mini raviolis. Tonight was frozen pizza and tomorrow my family gets to eat polish sausage and sauerkraut dogs.

I will be posting some info after a bit on the black and white special. I'll have two offerings. One is for those who want a bunch of photos from their session and the other would be for those who just want one FABULOUS art piece for their home! Both will be different prices.

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